New Study Uncovers Crucial Insights for Technology Sales Leaders

Data from sellers and sales managers on how Top-Performing Technology Sales Managers achieve the best business results

  • 56% more likely to be effective at motivating sellers for high productivity and performance.
  • 81% more likely to be extremely or very confident in their ability to help their sellers achieve strong sales performance.
  • 63% more likely to have received extremely or very effective sales training.
  • 102% more likely to excel at coaching sellers to lead masterful sales conversations.
  • 53% more likely to excel at helping sellers solve problems and challenges.
  • 46% more likely to hire sellers who become Top Performers.
  • 61% more likely to be skilled in helping sellers build meaningful goals and action plans.
  • 57% more likely to excel at planning and analyzing how sellers should manage their pipelines.
  • Tech sellers are 63% more likely to be a Top Performer with an effective manager, regular coaching, and effective sales training.
  • Tech sellers with less than five years of experience are 400% (or 5x) more likely to be Top Performers when they have an effective sales manager.
  • Top-Performing Tech Sellers are 62% more likely to report their manager excels at providing deal coaching to maximize wins.
  • Top-Performing Tech Sellers are 56% more likely to rate their manager extremely or very effective in helping them achieve strong sales performance.
  • Top-Performing Tech Sellers are 61% more likely to receive coaching on a regular, ongoing schedule.
  • The average win rate on proposed sales reported by tech sellers and tech sales managers is dramatically higher for Top Performers (74%) compared to The Rest (47%).



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